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​List, a CEA Tech institute, recently set up a startup called Isybot to develop and commercialize the institute's most powerful command-control and actuator solutions for the collaborative robotics market.

site rencontres tunisiens france ​One of the greatest challenges facing the Factory of the Future (FoF) is to ensure that human operators remain at the center of production processes. Isybot, List's latest startup, will respond to this need with a collaborative robot (cobot) that shares the workspace with a human operator and that offers demonstration-based learning capabilities.

rencontre mougins Isybot's collaborative robot leverages a ball-screw-and-cable actuator technology that does not require force sensors: the force applied is controlled by measuring the electric current in the motors. The result is a simpler, better-performing, and more flexible and robust robot that offers greater responsiveness and precision.

rencontre femme sexe rodez The robot also features a patented technology that lets it "learn" how much force to apply. For sanding, for instance, the human operator simply performs the movement with the intended direction and intensity once; the robot can then reproduce the movement as many times as necessary. Isybot's go-to-market strategy will initially target needs like polishing mechanical and composite parts, and the startup has a partnership with List to develop specific solutions to meet business' needs.

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